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Crazy Vegas action

Postby Sickpotter

There was lots of gambling going on throughout the events and I was privy to probably the sickest match I've ever heard of.

A professional online poker player with more money than sense decided he wanted to play for $20k US race to nine, 9-ball.

The conditions? Well this guy will only play champions. If you haven't won a title or you're not a big name in the sport he won't play you.

I'm all for stepping out and playing better players but this guy has taken it to a stupid extreme. Generally one should play opponents as good as or better yet, a little better than you. It's the best way to improve your game and by playing those close to your abiility you shouldn't wind up getting hammered and damage your confidence.

Handicapping can help level the field but at some point one has to admit at least to themselves that they're out of their league.

Some just can't admit that, ego won't permit it and so they get in way over their head.

This guy was a classic example. He was getting probably the most ridiculous handicap I've ever seen offered but still losing.

The handicap you ask?

Pro gives up every break
Amateur gets ball in hand after every break
Amateur gets spotted the 5,6,7,8 and 9 ball. rofl

One has to wonder how the guy could lose with that kind of handicap but he did and in a big way. IMO if you can't win with this kind of a spot cue sports aren't for you or it's your first time picking up a cue. That this guy kept setting up matches with top pros and losing match after match at 20k a pop just screams ego issues/more money than brains. The pros were loving it and this guy just didn't care. I guess he just wanted to brag to his friends that he "beat" a title holder but as of the day I left he had yet to win a match. :roll:

Anyway, just thought some of the action junkies out there might like to hear about the biggest fish I've ever seen or heard of, cheers.

Re: Crazy Vegas action

Postby JohnFromLondonTown

What does this mean?

"Amateur gets spotted the 5,6,7,8 and 9 ball."

Re: Crazy Vegas action

Postby Sickpotter

If he makes any one of them he wins, even off the break rofl rofl

Craziest spot ever when combined with giving up the break <doh>

Re: Crazy Vegas action

Postby JohnFromLondonTown

The pictures are fab sickpotter, nice. <cool>

It would be good sickpotter if you could give us, well for me anyway, what the terms you use mean?

Coming 33-44 ain't bad considering there were 40 teams eh? You must have kicked some butts as well as frying some eggs on them eh? Good fun?

Re: Crazy Vegas action

Postby Sickpotter

Hi John,

What terms were unfamiliar to you?

Vegas was lots of fun but it's kinda like boozing....fine in moderation but too much can kill ya ;-)

We were quite pleased with our finish given the number of teams against us. In retrospect it's not too bad we lost out when we did because had we made it through a couple more rounds we would've been regulated to playing the elite division the next year. Personally I wouldn't mind playing the elites as I like the tougher competition but there are less teams and less money to be won .