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The German Masters schedule would be far better like this...

Postby Witz78

Assuming the 5 days length of tournament is set in stone.

Firstly, no need at all for a wildcard round. Considering only 1 of the guys was German anyway, that made it even more farcial than usual. The interest in the top players is there anyway in the likes of Europe and China, so no need to think that wildcard rounds are required to increase local interest.

Wednesday -
morning session. Round 1, games 1-5
afternoon session. Round 1, games 6-10
evening session. Round 1, games 11-15

Thursday -
morning session. Round 1 game 16, plus Round 2 games 1-2
afternoon session. Round 2 games 3-5
evening session. Round 2 games 6-8

Friday -
morning session. Quarter Final game 1
afternoon session. Quarter Final game 2
evening session. Quarter Finals game 3-4

Saturday -
afternoon session. Semi Final 1
evening session. Semi Final 2

Sunday -
afternoon session. Final
evening session. Final

The advantages from this are numerous :-

1) Bar one R1 game on the Thursday, the rest of the rounds are played over a day so players only play 1 match per day
2) Once we get round 1 out of the way, only 3 tables are in operation meaning fans can focus on a particular game better
3) TV Viewers get to see 3 last 16 games instead of 2.
4) TV Viewers get to see 3 quarter finals instead of 1.
5) The semi final and final schedules are unaffected by these changes i propose.
6) The tournament starts to become more serious from Round 2, whereas with the current schedule its almost like a PTC set-up until the semi finals starts.

Something like this would be far more beneficial to fans at the arena, tv viewers and the players too.