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Re: German Masters Quarter Final Discussion !

Postby DavieMac

jojo wrote:the black off its spot maguire missed which was match ball against ronnie in sheffield in 2005 i think did it for him and he not been the same player since

he still carrying the scars of that in my opinion if he did go on to win that match he would have won a far few more ranking events than he has done

I think you give your man too much credit. He won 2 rankers and a made major final after that. Your man schooled him in that major right enough though :emb:

Its since that betting investigation into his match with Burnett that he's been average. Mod edit by snookered: NO more personal insults against players please.

Re: German Masters Quarter Final Discussion !

Postby vodkadiet

Witz78 wrote:
vodkadiet wrote:Rigsby will hammer Oliver, and then win the final. It will be Pinocchio's last title!

do you call him Pinocchio because of his nose or because he keeps lying about retiring?

It was about his nose, but now you mention it, this retirement stuff, is at least on a level playing field.

The truth is Rigsby is desperate for aother world title, and that is why he plays on, but it will not happen, as he will choke in a world quarter, semi, final.

He is long in the looth, as well as the nose.

Rigsby is a has been.

Re: German Masters Quarter Final Discussion !

Postby Witz78

DavieMac wrote:
Witz78 wrote:buck it, time to noise up this hammer Holt

Go for it. I dont agree with 99% of the rubbish you spout but I agree on you winding that idiot up.

what exactly dont you agree with what i say?

is it cos i slate my fellow Jocks?

is it cos i waved an England flag as Dotty came down the steps at the Shootout final?

is it cos i hate the parakeet ?

is it cos i tourist Snookerfan?

Re: German Masters Quarter Final Discussion !

Postby Wildey

Quarter Finals

Mark Williams 3-5 Stephen Lee
Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-3 Matthew Stevens
Mark Selby 3-5 Shaun Murphy
Judd Trump 4-5 Stephen Maguire