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The Richest Snooker Players

Postby Dan-cat

Just found this brilliant and informative article, containing such gems as:

Allan Mcnus
He is a Scottishplayer who has won numerous awards. His career has made him five million pounds. He is one of the best snooker players and his excellent skills have made the game known worldwide.

John Parrott
He comes from England. Having won many titles from all levels, John Parrott has anetworth of seven million pounds.

John Hoggins
He was born in England. He has won many titles and earned international recognition. His networth is eleven million pounds. He has bagged international recognition from the snookers players and fans.

Ken Doherty
He was born in Ireland. After willing major championship, he earned a name in the snooker world. His net worth is 7.2 million pounds. He has helped the game grow. ... -earnings/

Re: The Richest Snooker Players

Postby HappyCamper

To become a better snooker player and gain the confidence of putting the ball into the snooker cup needs training and following the basic rules. Confidence with the snooker table will make you relax. When you play snooker and score, the game becomes interesting. Scoring doesn’t need magic; instead, focus on your training and the basic rules. You will be a champion.

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Postby SnookerFan

"Stephen Hendry
He is the most celebrated snooker player of all times. He is a Scottish who has won many awards. He has also received honors. This has seen his sport rise and earned a name world wide. His net worth is thirty million pounds."


Stephen Hendry is a Scottish.....

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Postby Prop

This is glorious. Great find, Dan.

”Snooking might seem an easy game, but without rules, the game is useless. The basic rules are easy to understand and you are advised to inquire from your friend right at the snooker place. Once you have the rule, try practicing it on the snooker table.

Take a necessary evaluation of your table.

This evaluation will lead you to a clear target ball. With your cue stick, find a clear path that the cue ball will follow to hit the target ball into the snooker hole. The target balls that are closer to the snooker holes are the easy targets that will award you many points. Taking a walk around the snooker aids you in locating easy targets. Using your dominant eye will assist you in lining up obvious shots. Easy targets give you easy scores.”

Re: The Richest Snooker Players

Postby Sauce321

So this guy took Doherty 30 years career earnings, has doubled it.

Then he made the choice to think that Ken never had to pay : coaching fee, travel, hotels, rent, food, taxes.