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Definitive list of great matches

Postby Tubberlad

You may or may not remember, but a few months back I compiled a list of some of the greatest matches ever played. The aim was to put as definitive a list as possible together, but obviously these things split opinions, and it's impossible to put a 'definitive' stamp on it. So what we ended up with were games I considered 'definites' (which in itself caused controversy), and 'possibles'.

Anyway, with the season over, I though it was time to update such a list. Just to fill people in, this is what we had a few months back:

1982 World Semi-final: A Higgins 16-15 Jimmy White
1983 UK Final: Alex Higgins 16-15 Steve Davis
1984 Masters semi-final: Jimmy White 6-4 Kirk Stevens
1985 World Final: Dennis Taylor 18-17 Steve Davis
1986 Mercantile Credit Classic Final: Jimmy White 13-12 Cliff Thorburn
1988 World Quarter-final: Jimmy White 13-12 Stephen Hendry
1990 UK Final: Stephen Hendry 16-15 Steve Davis
1992 World Final: Hendry 18-14 White
1994 World Final: Hendry 18-17 White
1999 World semi-final: Hendry 17-13 O'Sullivan
2001 Masters Final: Hunter 10-9 O'Brien
2002 World semi-final: Hendry 17-13 O'Sullivan
2002 World Final: Ebdon 18-17 Hendry
2003 World semi-final: Doherty 17-16 Hunter
2004 Masters final: Hunter 10-9 O'Sullivan
2004 World Semi-final: O'Sullivan 17-4 Hendry
2006 Masters final: Higgins 10-9 O'Sullivan
2006 World first round: Bond 10-9 Hendry
2007 World quarter-final: Murphy 13-12 Stevens
2008 World semi-final: O'Sullivan 17-6 Hendry

1984 World semi-final: White 16-14 Kirk Stevens
1984 World Final: Davis 18-16 White
1986 World Final: Joe Johnson 18-12 Steve Davis
1991 Masters: Hendry 9-8 Hallett
1992 UK Final: White 16-9 Parrott
1993 UK Final: O'Sullivan 10-6 Hendry
1995 UK Final: Hendry 10-5 Doherty
1996 British Open final: Bond 9-8 Higgins
1996 World Quarter-final: O'Sullivan 13-12 Higgins
1997 Masters Final: Davis 10-8 O'Sullivan
1998 Masters Final: Williams 10-9 Hendry
1998 World First round: White 10-4 Hendry
2000 World Final: Williams 18-16 Stevens
2001 Irish Masters Final: O'Sullivan 9-8 Hendry
2001 World Final: O'Sullivan 18-14 Higgins
2001 UK Final: O'Sullivan 10-1 Doherty
2002 Masters Final: Hunter 10-9 Williams
2002 World Semi-final: Ebdon 17-16 Stevens
2003 Irish Masters final: O'Sullivan 10-9 Higgins
2003 World Final: Williams 18-16 Doherty
2003 UK Final: Stevens 10-8 Hendry
2004 Player's final: White 9-7 Hunter
2005 Masters final: O'Sullivan 10-3 Higgins
2005 Irish Masters final: O'Sullivan 10-8 Stevens
2005 World final: Murphy 18-16 Stevens
2005 Grand Prix final: Higgins 9-2 O'Sullivan
2007 Masters final: O'Sullivan 10-3 Ding
2009 Masters final: O'Sullivan 10-8 Selby
2009 World quarter-final: Higgins 13-12 Selby

Now, the 2009/10 nominees

2009 UK Championship semi-final: John Higgins 9-8 Ronnie O'Sullivan
2010 Masters final: Mark Selby 10-9 Ronnie O'Sullivan
2010 World Championship second round: Neil Robertson 13-12 Martin Gould

2009 Grand Prix semi-final: Neil Robertson 6-5 John Higgins
2010 World Championship first round: Steve Davis 10-9 Mark King
2010 World Championship second round: Ronnie O'Sullivan 13-10 Mark Williams
2010 World Championship second round: Steve Davis 13-11 John Higgins
2010 World Championship second round: Mark Selby 13-11 Ronnie O'Sullivan

The Higgins v Davis match would have been a nailed on definite if it hadn't been for events that have since transpired.

Re: Definitive list of great matches

Postby KrazeeEyezKilla

Last time I mentioned the 1985 Grand Prix final. It was Davis-Taylor with Davis winning 10-9 and it finished at around 2am. I was only 3 days old so I've never seen it but could have been a great match.

Then theres the White-Hendry match from the 1988 World Championship. Dave Hendon said a couple of months ago that it was a huge deal at the time.

Re: Definitive list of great matches

Postby Wildey

the Hendry of 1988 was a long way off the player he became but for sheer raw Talent the way he went hammer and tongs over 25 frames with Jimmy was unbelievable.

Re: Definitive list of great matches

Postby SnookerFan

2009 UK Championship semi-final: John Higgins 9-8 Ronnie O'Sullivan

What a match that was. Controversy, a big comeback... I'd put that in league with my personal favourite match off all times, the 2006 Masters final between the same two individuals. Ronnie vs Higgins. The match of matches.