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Are there PC Gamers around?

Postby ShootersPool

Hello Snooker fans,

I am Jorge and I would like to present and invite you all to try our PC Billiards Simulator, ShootersPool. We are looking for new Snooker fans and players who enjoy playing online Snooker games interested in try it and give us some feedback.

Also, it will be a pleasure to answer any doubt about the project you might have :-)

You can try it free by signing up with the Free2Play version through our website. It will give you access to create Free2Play game rooms and also join to Free2Play public game rooms.

Here you have all the info and some videos from the game:
Snooker game info:
Official website:
Snooker in Slow motion:
Snooker Gameplay footage:
Official Trailer:

Looking forward to hear your thoughts :-D

See you at the tables!
Thank you.