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Do the BBC put too much emphasis on majors?

Postby SnookerFan

This week, they seemed to be blabbing on about majors a lot and who has won what ones. I know the BBC always talk about majors as a way to make the tournaments on their channel seem important.

I know they are big and historic tournaments, but is the UK Championship any more prestigious than say the International Championship any more? The prestige seemed to decrease a bit when they shortened the matches. Has The Masters been diluted a bit with all these other top player only tournaments?

To be clear, I like The Masters, but am slightly less bothered by the UK nowadays.

It just seems the BBC were spanking themselves more than they usually do with it this week. During the final, they showed a montage of action from the last decade's worth of 'majors'. (Ie. just clips from old BBC tournaments.) Hazel kept banging on about how it's been 10 years since Ding has won a 'major', as if everything he's won since has been meaningless.

I get they're going to promote the stuff on their channel, but has it reached a point where they're just overdoing it now?

Re: Do the BBC put too much emphasis on majors?

Postby SnookerFan

Dan-cat wrote:They are good at creating gravitas which isn't a bad thing in sport.

It's just the way they were banging on about Ding not winning a major since 2009. You could argue it's technically true, but made Ding sound like he'd had a rubbish career. He's won plenty.

Re: Do the BBC put too much emphasis on majors?

Postby McManusFan

I can see what you mean, it's a bit silly the way they essentially ignore the rest of the season entirely. However the BBC tournaments are still a cut above the rest in terms of prestige, and public awareness (at least in the UK, not sure about China and the rest of the world). If you ever see snooker mentioned in the general news it's either because Ronnie has said something 'controversial' or it's a BBC tournament.

Certainly from afar, it seems like the BBC tournaments are much more of an event. You seem to go to more live snooker than a lot of people on here, how do the BBC ones compare, are they any better to go to or is it all just a trick of the camera?