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Prozac use in snooker

Postby Tubberlad

I'm not altogether comfortable with the subject, but I suppose there's nothing wrong with a REASONED debate on this issue. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it could turn sour, but I urge people to be reasonable.

Unfortunately, my own family have been affected by depression in the past. I don't claim to be an expert on the issue, but I do know enough to be very sensitive. Their is a certain ammount of ignorance towards depression, and unfortunately, an unfair stigma has been attached. I also know that it is an intensely complex issue, coming in a vast array of forms, and also higly variable levels. Clive Everton has suffered from depression, and claimed that it is fair to question the use of Prozac in snooker. However, it is important to note that Clive Everton hasn't suffered to the same extent as Ronnie, nor has he suffered from the same form of depression, and that is crucial.

It is also important to note that Prozac is not perfect by any means, and has many detrimental side-effects. If it didn't, Ronnie would still be using it and would never have wanted to give up his Prozac use.

However, there are two sides to every debate. Prozac does have many good points, points that could have helped Ronnie's performance, and improved his state of mind. You can also argue that if someone cannot take drugs for a heart-condition due to performance enhancing, that Prozac too could come under this list.

I personally don't see anything wrong with Ronnie's use of Prozac. If no other sport has it on it's performance enhancing drugs list, I see no reason for snooker to follow suit. Of course other sports have looked into it, and the experts have judged that it is OK. Anyway, Ronnie has won plenty outside of his Prozac using time, and Prozac alone did not win him any tournaments. I don't think it would have made a huge difference had he not taken Prozac during the 2001 World Championship, because he hammered nearly everybody anyway, and has performed to this level many times since without anti-depressants.

Still though, what are people's views?

Also, have any other players suffered from depression? Did they use Prozac? Were their any significant improvement from performance?

I know for certain that Graeme Dott suffered from depression, but whether he used anti-depressants or not is unknown to me. I think I also heard something about Matthew Stevens suffering, can't say for certain though.

Any views from anyone?

Re: Prozac use in snooker

Postby Roland

I don't see how anti-depressants like Prozac are performance enhancing. I'm sure if you offered it to most players and said you can get away with taking them you would be refused point blank.