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Tournament Broadcasters 2019-20

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Every season World Snooker posts a list of their broadcasting partners on their website. You can't do a comparison to last season for each tournament, because they have deleted the list from last season.
Still I noted some changes:
- All the tournaments in china except for the China Open are now also on some regional chinese channels like the "Wuxi Economy Channel" or the "Great Sports Channel" as well as the national sports channel CCTV 5 and streaming services.
- BBC Wales doesn't cover the Welsh Open anymore.
- Sky Sports New Zealand shows more than last year.
- DAZN broadcasts the triple crown events in Brazil and the USA. They also have the Home Nations, Coral Series, Shootout and the World Open in Canada. Here is their coverage from last season: ... er-canada/

Re: Tournament Broadcasters 2019-20

Postby SnookerFan

Badsnookerplayer wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:BBC Wales out? That's Willie Thorne out of a job.

Do you think his 2017 swearing did for him at the BBC?

Doubt it. Because Virgo did the same.

Probably didn't help that everyone he worked with owed him money.