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Re: Ronnie O'Sullivan pulls out of The Crucible

Postby TheSaviour

Yes, I remember you did it last year too.

At least you are showing solidness. Many professional players out there could pop in to learn that.

The insects are soon practically going to disappear from the planet.

Or the island of Madeira was formed 1,7 million years ago, and got it first inhabitants only in a c. 1420. What a mysterious island!

Or the more mountainous are or an island, the more it has total area. Mountains increases the total area.

Or that all the problems, troubles and issues of the world are going to be sorted just now. Those cannot wait, and all the waiting is something which we just can´t do. Being patient only does harm the globe.

Or that it is possible to cooperate with a God.

Or that Mark Williams just sees the light differently than most others; his decisions regarding what to watch and WHEN to watch are just different. That´s the only reason why he´s partly SO CALLED "colour blinded".

Many people actually do believe at least two or three of those things. You once again figure. (At least those Madeira-related informations actually are so).

Lucky me, I thought I would go banging my cousin´s missus as my cousin is in New York, but then realised that she also is in there lol. If I would had done that, my wife would had been quite surprised. Especially when there isn´t a one.