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Tour Championship: superior to the UK Championship?

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Re: Tour Championship: superior to the UK Championship?

Postby Goldenballs147

I didn’t watch snooker when the UK had its old format, and given its prestige I always did find it hard to understand why it was shortened so much, so with that in mind I have to say the TC takes it for me. Been an amazing event so far this week, helped by ITV’s flawless coverage. The longer matches are a real treat for me, as my only exposure to them has been the WC the last 5 years.

With regards to coverage, when I first started following snooker I couldn’t watch anything except the BBC’s coverage due to all of the familiar faces from the bits and pieces of snooker that I used to watch from my child hood, plus it was the BBC, now though it’s in 3rd place behind ES and ITV.