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Players you miss

Postby Badsnookerplayer

What players do you miss from the top 16 - retired or just faded?

I start with Martin Gould. Always liked watching him play and sad not to see much of him these days.

Re: Players you miss

Postby Andre147

Jamie Cope.

Tremendous talent, unfortunately eye problems prevented him from going forward. Reached 3 ranking Finals.

Re: Players you miss

Postby Badsnookerplayer

Andre147 wrote:Jamie Cope.

Tremendous talent, unfortunately eye problems prevented him from going forward. Reached 3 ranking Finals.

Good shout that Andre. I knew he had a tremor problem but was unaware that his eyes were bad too.

He was a great player to watch and without his problems would probably still be top 8

Re: Players you miss

Postby Alex0paul

Graeme Dott
Matthew Stevens
David Gray

Re: Players you miss

Postby Koninkaulus

Andre147 wrote:eye problems


Andre147 wrote:Reached 3 ranking Finals.

...and no. :)

I hope Ricky Walden, Martin Gould and Marco Fu can get back to fighting for titles as they are some of my absolute favourite players. Walden and Fu obviously have their health issues. Not sure what's up with Gould though. In addition to not playing well, he seems to be skipping a lot more tournaments than you'd expect him to, at least in the last couple of seasons.

Re: Players you miss

Postby mick745

I used to like Tony Meo when i first started watching snooker. I don,'t know why

Kirk Stevens was a superb player to watch.

Bill Werbeniuk had a great personality. Unfortunately i dont think we'll be seeing him back in the top 16 anytime soon.

Re: Players you miss

Postby TheSaviour

Ernst Blodelf, Robbie O´Sullivan, for a starter.

rofl rofl


But don´t you 007 know that the diamonds are forever ? The efforts mate, the efforts.

Lot´s of bad news from the current game. Even when it is played decently enough, lot´s of wrong analyses going on, flying in. And that´s something we all here also have a something to do with. That´s why it can´t be just that a few players or a persons (or even just a one) could be responsible. And the responsibility is something almost anyone or even anyone are struggling to take. Lot´s of wrong analyses, lot´s of bad blood. When it even shouldn´t quite be so. Any given sport (excluding the snooker) Is all about after-analyses. And then changing something in order to follow the current, modern path. But when basically everyone are doing that, the anticipation is still a problem.

When I am all about just purely anticipation.

But all the efforts still are something which are usefull. Without those at least I would feel very much disappointed. Of something that realistically I had nothing that I could had done differently in order to make any different impact.

But just keep on having all those clowns taking a responsibility.

When having decent enough predictions going on, all those muppet-efforts are spot on and are very usefull. At least the efforts are there, if nothing else.

I am personally all about to discuss about any given angle. That´s why there needs to nemesis like Cousa also in there. To discuss about Blofeld or Cousa and you´re going to stay eternally young. Even when they aer clowns, I know. Possesing a diploma doesn´t make you any decent. Difficult anyone of taking a responsibility as they look as they do. Terrible views all the way. I could had been same if accepting a job.... But I didn´t. And I do talk about any angle. Which is something you won´t be found anywhere else, not even in Oxford or in Cambridge. I have always been all about discussions like that. Only like

So, the dream of your lifetime could finally become truth and you could be having a chat with me lol.

Or then we still could be having a discussions which involved everyone and is covering many angles.

The current situation wouldn´t be like this if the people would have realised that there isn´t any flaws regarding how Ronnie O´Sullivan (for example) thinks things through. They should had realised it earlier. But no........ When I am always about just purely anticipation. And there still are the longer term anticipation the likes of the black Portuguese boys of Wolverhampton, D Thiem, A Zverev, the Silenzio, Samuelsson getting better of Bo and Fourcade up and running. WW is tough one to shoot down as it has snowballed to concerns Juventus (C Ronaldo learning from his mates) and FC Liverpool (the black boy also in there) also. I would also love to be proved wrong, but currently it is looking tough.
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Re: Players you miss

Postby rekoons

Hendry not mentioned yet ?

Not saying I miss him cause I didn't witness his prime, but still surprised...

Re: Players you miss

Postby SnookerFan

Attacking_Safety wrote:Quinten Hann, especially when he smashed into the pack off two cushions in breaking off :-D

That shot was kind of the opposite of your User Name. rofl

Re: Players you miss

Postby The_Abbott

Ian McCulloch - robbed of his 16th place by Shaun Murphy

Re: Players you miss

Postby Iranu

Love that the Saviour went to the effort of editing that post.

Re: Players you miss

Postby HustleKing

Shaun Murphy, because if I saw more of him at the table, I'd hear less of his analysis