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Re: Hendry 147 2009: DISGRACE

Postby TheSaviour

Yes. And will be campaing that NY Knicks are not defending properly :emb: :emb: . I now had them two times on the trot, with a handicaps which obviously came, and the second one was also the straight win with a 8/1 :pal: :pal: :pal: ... They are having a few very tall lads, including one Turkish fella, so attacking is not a problem to them. But how about the defending part ?

I would had made a fortune if would had took the whole package as heavily as I planned, as I had 10/10 correct. And I almost never back off, but this time I did so a a bit, or quite a lot actually. But the post-analyses points out that my timing my just good, as per usual. But the Knicks are not defending that much well at all. But still had it, and that was my only big vision, the Knicks. Need to forget them now. But what I now have realised is just one just needs to continue a bit from and of what the results were. That´s always a favour towards your mental peace and health. Just keep on doing a bit what you have done, if the results have been there. No matter if luck has been involved. But a very important to have those post-analyses in order to know what is luck and what is not. I only REALLY count it if it is completely clean. Rarely never I fancy to post anything like this but at this time there were really big money involved. I made some but not the fortune, as there would had been, as all the results just simply were there to me.

So post-analyses. Yes, please. Keep it coming. I will also try to keep it going.

I feel this is the last consolation. All the really great places have been destroyed. From my point of view. Just glad the people and the fans have finally admitted that GPS isn´t working. How to have the correct lines like Stephen Hendry always had ? GPS wouldn´t work. And now they admitted that they will keep on pretending there isn´t such a thing as GPS as they wouldn´t make any move when the situation would arrive. Ah hah hah hah haa ! Just can´t stop laughing when thinking about it. So now GPS at all. Hah hah hah hah haa hah. As couldn´t make a move when the situation would arrive. So just pretending all the time no such thing even exists. :wave: :wave:

So a great time to have a little holiday and to relax.
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Re: Hendry 147 2009: DISGRACE

Postby kolompar

It was made on a Riley which is a better table than the poor Chinese ones Ronnie makes his maximums on. Hendry leads in maximums on proper tables.

Re: Hendry 147 2009: DISGRACE

Postby SnookerFan

SnookerFan wrote:Was that the one against Bingham?

Never mind. Didn't notice you'd posted a video. <doh>

Sometimes they don't show up on my phone.

Re: Hendry 147 2009: DISGRACE

Postby Wildey

i agree that was ridiculous but theres been a lot in recent years that should be wiped from the record books the entire International Championship and the Champion of Champions this year to start with.

The Northern Ireland Open table was much tighter than either of them. in fact the Northern Ireland Open century tally was about 10 centuries down on avarage of that type of tournament.

Re: Hendry 147 2009: DISGRACE

Postby Alex0paul

KrazeeEyezKilla wrote:Image

That wouldn’t even rattle on today’s tables