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Back Playing Again

Postby Alex0paul

After 7 years I am back playing snooker again. Only a best of 9 once a week with Tom Ford (not the pro) but it’s good to get the arm going again.

I do however struggle mentally knowing that I am nowhere near as good as I once was and struggle to put 20s and 30s together.

It’s the first time I’ve played just for the enjoyment too as in the past I’d be looking to enter tournaments to really test myself. Played a few pros in my glory days including Bingham, Baird, Bedford and Andy Lee.

Re: Back Playing Again

Postby rekoons

Must be tough knowing you used to better, but i think the key to enjoyment is... just enjoying playing again :) without reflecting too much on how much better you were, and /or overanalyzing technique and such..

I'm nowhere near as good as you once was, but i'm also back to a weekly game of snooker recently after a couple of 'meager' years where i just played every few months.

I have the impression that after about 6 - 8 matches / sessions i'm back to about 75% of where i was...

Re: Back Playing Again

Postby Dan-cat

This is ace. Yes, I didn't play for nearly 20 years, started again about four years ago and love it. Why do we stop doing the things we love? No idea.

As Snookerbackwards says - try to ignore the rumblings of your inner chimp and just play. Focus on the shot in front of you. :-D

Re: Back Playing Again

Postby The_Abbott

I struggle with cue ball control as I got older. So even when I get in a great position in the black area, I screw it up in no time at all and have to take on a long shot, which as my eyesight has also faded in recent years, isn't good either.

At least my back is OK though!

I should play more but I don't have a club near me and even less friends that like snooker :pal:

Re: Back Playing Again

Postby gallantrabbit

Good on you. Doing the same after 20 years in Brazil. Can't wait to get back playing properly.