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Who will win The Crucible first

Judd Trump
Ding Junhui
Neither will ever win it
Total votes : 10

Re: Who will win the World Title first?

Postby Andre147

Ding has improved mentally over thr years, but that Masters Final in 2007 I think will forever stay with him...

11 years have passed, but some things you just cant get out of your head and I do think that Final is one of the reasons for it.

However, I chose Ding. I'm starting to think Judd will never win it, unless of course when Higgins retires lol..

Re: Who will win the World Title first?

Postby Andy Spark

Badsnookerplayer wrote:
Cloud Strife wrote:None of them will win it.


Yes, the grammatical correction is valid. (we all make grammatical mistakes!) However, I sincerely hope that the assertion of neither winning is not valid. I love Ronnie, Trump and Ding for far too numerous reasons to mention...

Re: Who will win the World Title first?

Postby Dan-cat

SnookerFan wrote:
Dan-cat wrote:All of them. Once the class of 92 are done...

All of them will win it first?

Yes it will be declared a draw after a titanic battle. New rules implemented, copied from tennis, that you have to win by 2 clear frames.

Re: Who will win the World Title first?

Postby Wildey

Expectation is hard thing to live up to when its been expected for a long long time.

It took Ronnie O'Sullivan 9 years just to reach the final and he won it and over the next 9 years he only won it twice thats 18 years one of if not the greatest player of all time could only reach the final 3 times

This is Ding Junhui's 16th pro season and Judd Trump 14th both have reached the final Both been beaten by Snooker Granit in the final.

The longer it goes the harder it gets for either player to win it and if Ronnie didnt quite Master it you realise just how hard it is to win.