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Re: Desmond Kane implying that Davis and Hendry aren't true

Postby TheSaviour

But I don´t even know If Ronnie O´Sullivan is either. He always pays you back if he´s feeling he owns you. But that payback is always a bit too much. All the positives. But I wouldn´t even fancy to have a meeting with every relative I am having or to be a captain. But seems that I am again soon going to be. Just put on a happy smile when meeting Ronnie and you´re allright. Not so sure would work with Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis.

And many don´t even know that James Bond is actually Jimmy Bond.

And how´s Stuart Bingham is in French? Caroline Lefevre?

And that group just accidentally happens to arrive 10 minutes late on each time? And not to feel any guilt of spamming the streets and the places and the serenity of you?

These are these that many don´t know but still are the existing truths.