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When the pockets are our friends

Postby Badsnookerplayer

I know not all posters play, but for those that do surely I am not imagining this?

More rarely these days but sometimes, I get the feeling that I won't miss and the game becomes easy. I am relaxed, I can take two cue ups and pot ridiculous balls. I drift with ease toward a decent break and float around the table. I am not even concentrating on the pot - only on position. Ronnie must feel like this all of the time!

But then the days when the dark corners of the mind take over. I take extra cue ups. I concentrate so hard on an extended pause on the final backswing. I worry about my stance and my grip. Maybe my tip is wrong?? I focus on the object ball and delivering the cue smoothly. I miss by a foot! The worse I get then the harder I try and then the worse I get. At some point the cue or the chalk is going across the floor.

What on earth is it all about??

Hardest game in the world but best game in the universe.