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Hearn's entry in Rich List

Postby mick745

Barry Hearn and family appear in this year's Rich List at Number 980 with a fortune of £115m.

Some of this seems to be attributed to the signing up of Anthony Joshua but he must be making quite a bit from snooker.

It reports Matchroom is worth £100m and made profits of £13.7m on £100.2m turnover in 2016-17.

Re: Hearn's entry in Rich List

Postby SnookerFan

There used to be a guy with the same name as me on the rich list. For years, he was there. He lived in the West Midlands too, where I had family. He owned property, or something.

I used to pretend it was me. And always used to look up to see whether "I" featured on the rich list this year, and how well "I" was doing. A few years ago, he disappeared. But somebody with the same surname, in the same area, doing the same sort of job was there. So either "I" retired, or died, and left it to "my" son.

Re: Hearn's entry in Rich List

Postby SnookerFan

Other than the aforementioned looking for "myself", I never really understood the fascination with what other people earn.

Good luck to the Hearns, and all that. But how has my life improved to know they're the 980th richest people in the UK, or whatever?