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Stephen Lee update

Postby SnookerFan

Former British snooker player Stephen Lee, 43, thanked his legal team and everyone for the support he received, after prosecutors told Sha Tin court today they are dropping the charge of teaching in Hong Kong without a work permit and that he had agreed to a good behavior bond for 12 months.

Lee said he will return to the UK.

The court ordered him to guarantee good behavior for 12 months or pay HK$1,000.

He was arrested during an undercover raid by the Immigration Department on April 12 at the snooker parlor, Q School, in Jordan. He had denied the charge.

In 2013, Lee was banned for 12 years for match-fixing by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

The sport's governing body called it "the worst case of corruption."

Among the matches he had fixed was when he had agreed to lose the 2009 China Open to Mark Selby by a set score. Selby won 5-1. ... 8645&sid=4

Re: Stephen Lee update

Postby TheSaviour

He won´t be missing much as and when he won´t be playing.

No-one is fancing to play the game of a snooker anymore. That includes the likes of Mark Williams, Ricky Walden, Ronnie O´Sullivan and Mark Selby.

Barry Hearn´s been involved in a discussions where he has been stating and guessing that the only ones who can play the game have a name of either "Peter", "Alex", "Jocce", "Bjorn" or "Marco". Yyyyaaahh, that´s my guess too

Any title won has a wrong name written on it. That´s a bit of a downer to any top player. A massive problem to any snooker player.

And poor old Anthony Bourdain. How many times he was warned. Of just try to be a part of the solution. At least he was a single worker and actor. He saw CNN just as a group of a useless people.

Just riding around with a bicycle trying to look like a city-boy and calling that as a job? Where absolutely no evidence things would be differently?

And poor old the game of a tennis. Dominic Thiem has gone from bad to worse. He was decent I must admit but that was a few years ago, just steamrolling the people. He´s making a dumb mistakes. Not anything risky, just solely dumb. He only got away with it as he has more experience to steamroll the people as Cecchinato has. Nadal´s been extremely poor, his worst ever title it will be. Del Potro just can´t play on clay. Similar to Sharapova. It looks like a me trying to swim when the massives are on. Poor stuff all the way. The worst ever. And while I thought they should be learning and developing. The game and the players.

Poor old John Higgins. Poor old Ronnie O´Sullivan. No more snooker anymore.