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Who would win a practice match?

Jimmy "Flying In Practice" White
Mr. Maximum Willie Thorne
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Re: Who would win a practice match?

Postby Johnny Bravo

Jimmy might not have been the best under pressure, but he still has won plenty of trophies.
Feel free to correct me, but I don't think Willie has won any. Even if he totally sucked under pressure, if he was that good of a player, he would have won at least 1 tourney.

So there can only be one winner: Jimmy. :chuckle:

Re: Who would win a practice match?

Postby SnookerEd25

Willie Thorne is a former winner of the Mercantile Credit Classic.

And he'll take that to his grave...

Re: Who would win a practice match?

Postby TheSaviour

That´s highly futuristic to write Jimmy off yet.

I admit that it could happen.

It as much highly futuristic as saying that Fuscovic vs Sandgren will be a final soon. I admit there´s quite much in it to state that. It would take the usual suspects to make those adjustments in order to stop it to happen. Some of those will and has, some of those will not.

I suppose the probability of it is a zero. That we would ever seen a practice match like this.

But wasn´t I born in the USA. So I don´t need to have to or should to make any orders or to tell of how the people should express their might be gut feelings.

I have just read a news that LeBron James has just read a book. He´s not the one of those people who would make those adjustments. The game 7. So put some great money where your mouth is. Would double it. Hardly anyone from the old guard is doing anything like that. I don´t even see it like that but if I would I wouldn´t put that much great money in it. Because I always split, have a lots of ideas with a decent odds and most of those will always happen. So no need to take the risk. So if I would even see it like that, like they are seeing it. Golden State is a trickier as they have adapted that passive defense. Which is quite modern. But they are mixing it.

And then there´s a 75 year old man who is paying some money to some females only to see his tan and his summer clothing and his summer him at its best lol. That´s quite brilliant idea. I could well be doing the same, and everyone would be winning. He won´t be paying for anything else, although he could.. It takes some brilliance to be professional and precise with all that.

So the lads are winding up for the one last big outing. Jimmy versus Willie. Bethlehem. Amen.

Re: Who would win a practice match?

Postby vodkadiet

Thorne without a doubt.

Neal Foulds before playing Thorne in the mid 80s said "Watching Willie in practice is mind-blowing."