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Is ITV coverage the last chance of extending UK Championship

Postby Pink Ball

With the UK Championship becoming more and more irrelevant with the increasing number of long-format tournaments, could it be that ITV taking over the reins, if it happened, would be the last chance of snooker's second greatest tournament having the kind of format it deserves?

Two Chinese tournaments now have relatively long formats, the Players Championship has been extended significantly in recent years, and soon we'll have an eight-man ranking event with multi-session matches and a best-of-25 final. Long formats are becoming more prevalent and that's great.

It seems to me that the BBC are the main reason for the shortened U.K. Any prospect of ITV taking over?

Re: Is ITV coverage the last chance of extending UK Champion

Postby SteveJJ

Whilst it remains a triple crown event and gets ok ratings in current format then i assume the bbc will want to keep. Havent they got it for a good few years anyway?

Snooker Scene hinted that the bbc might be interested in another tournament but gave no details about what.