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What's wrong with Drago?

Postby SavoMilosevic

I read on Facebook he's recovering from something. He pulled out of the 9-ball World Masters recently. I thought he just stopped playing top level pool, but it looks like he has some health issues. Anyone know more? :(

Re: What's wrong with Drago?

Postby Johnny Bravo

Unfortunately the answer is no.
Hope he recovers soon if he's seek, he's a nice guy and he plays the game with style. :hatoff:

Re: What's wrong with Drago?

Postby SnookerFan

SavoMilosevic wrote:He posted a picture on facebook, doesn't look good at all. He must have lost about 90 lbs. :((( I was absolutely shocked to see him this thin.

I wish I had an illness like that. <laugh>

Joking obviously, I wish him the best. :hatoff: