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Who's the second player to reach 1000 tons ?

1. Trump
2. Ding
3. Other (please name him)
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Second player to reach 1000 tons

Postby Johnny Bravo

I'be been thinking about this for the last few days.
We all know by now that Ronnie will reach this landmark pretty soon.
So I was wondering who's gonna follow suit. By the look of things, my bet would be on Trump or Ding.
They're both pretty young and have already amassed more than 500 tons.

Higgo, Robbo and Selbo also have good numbers, but I doubt they're gonna do it given their age, especially Higgo. I do think he'll surpass Hendry tough.

So what do u guys think ? :parrot:

Re: Second player to reach 1000 tons

Postby Johnny Bravo

SnookerFan wrote:Ding?

Ding's a great break builder and he has amazing cue ball control. He has an edge over Trump from this perspective, meaning he's the one that will probably still be able to make tons into old age between the 2 of them.
But my money is still on Trump cause I feel he'll play longer.
Ding has made more money from endorsements than he has from snooker and he probably won't play into old age.

Re: Second player to reach 1000 tons

Postby Andre147

Trump of course.

He's been making 50+ centuries for the past 3 seasons so he's the one who will reach that landmark on 2nd place.

And when he ends his career he'll have more than Ronnie no doubt, but Ronnie will always be the first.

And, more importantly, Ronnie spent more than half of his career with half the tournaments there are nowadays, just like Hendry.

Re: Second player to reach 1000 tons

Postby SnookerFan

Johnny Bravo wrote:
Holden Chinaski wrote:Federer?


Please stop with the tennis remarks already :hmmm: <doh>

But how will we understand what's happening in the snooker, unless we continually use Federer as an example? :gag: