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Re: I hope this guy's prediction doesn't come true....

Postby Andre147

Dan-cat wrote:That was written just before Bazza took over, back in 2010.

Different ball game now, pardon the pun.

lol even writting that back then doesnt make it an excuse for a clueless "journalist" to write stuff like that.

Re: I hope this guy's prediction doesn't come true....

Postby KrazeeEyezKilla

In the comments section a few mentioned the China boom and he replied.

"I think the China thing is a bit of a myth, sadly"

I've thought the same plenty of times over the years tbh. Thinking snooker would continue to decline isn't that bad but that it would no longer exist as a professional sport by 2020 is really stupid.

Re: I hope this guy's prediction doesn't come true....

Postby Ayrshirebhoy

The game might be “more popular than ever” world wide but I can tell you it’s dying in Scotland. More and more I feel like I’m the only one who enjoys snooker in my life. Work, social life etc. Very rare now to meet someone and have a chat about snooker. Sad times.

Re: I hope this guy's prediction doesn't come true....

Postby TheSaviour

I feel the lad isn´t that much clueless, fair play to him.

It only comes down to the few players anymore trying to save the game. To succumb where he has predicted it will succumb. And it will without the efforts from those few players. I would name Kyren Wilson as a someone who could and can consistently and often make 147s. Which is something the fans are always wondering. He certainly is a special break-builder. As he is the only one make those silly pots followed up with that almost impossible cannon. He can make those every time, which is something even Ronnie or Mark Selby can´t do. But Kyren has some other weaknesses, similar to Mark Williams, Judd Trump, Mark Allen, Liang Wenbo, which will cause some troubles in terms of winning the big things. It is a question of if they can counterbalance those weaknesses of theirs when it really counts, and the answer for that is no they can´t. In the other words they probably quite can´t, but I personally hate those terms like probably, likely, unlikely. So I won´t be using those much. But you get the point, right.

Ali Carter, Gary Wilson, Stuart Bingham, Mark Selby all are players who has no weaknesses of whatsoever. They can rule the game the way they just REALLY fancies to.

Ronnie has been ousted from the driving seat, which also is a fact that will make the fans feeling restless. But the situation isn´t that much bad, actually. It will only be if Kyren Wilson will stop playing and developing, and Ali, Gary, Stuart and Mark Selby will call it a day. If you think that Ali Carter couldn´t give something back to the fans, you´re clueless. Yes, he can. Not much people who wouldn´t feel comfortable flying with him. And he also can transform a lot´s of things. Or at least those which has been hindering you. Just stop giving those clueless stunts of yours. And allow the big boys to handle those. No expression. No expression at all. Try to remember that, as..........

I am really pleased to receive that information about the timeline.. So I finally got the clean sheets which is something that really pleases me. No matter what else is going on. F1 is doing just fine. No timeline troubles at all.

What else then? Well, you just name it. But I won´t be posting anything obvious anymore.

Re: I hope this guy's prediction doesn't come true....

Postby Holden Chinaski

Snooker wil not die, but it's not in good shape I feel, especially not in the UK.

I think snooker is doing better than ever outside of the UK. Having players like Luca Brecel in the top 16 is good for the game's popularity in Europe and I think more and more people from countries like Belgium and Germany are playing and watching the game. In China the game is oviously more popular than ever and more and more good snooker players are coming out of China and obviously lots of Chinese people watch snooker.

But, from what Ive heard, a lot of snooker clubs in the UK are closing and the amateur game is dying. There is not a lot of British talent coming through.

The class of 92 is still dominating snooker, because the new generation is not good enough and that's sad. I think Britain needs new superstars like Ronnie to make snooker popular in the UK again... But they're not there. Players like Trump, Selby, Allen... They are not like Ronnie or Higgins or Williams or Hunter or Hendry....

So I think snooker is doing pretty good outside of the UK. But it needs lots of time to grow in China and Europe. It will take some time to get some real talented players coming out of Europe....
But in the UK I think snooker is not doing good at all.