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Tight Brown

Postby Pink Ball

He was a Londoner with Irish roots, struggling through a lifetime plagued by the black dog of depression. Ever since he saw his Dad put away for 20 years for a brutal murder in his early teens, Michael McGillycuddy had struggled to love himself; how,then, could he ever learn to love anyone else?

But when he met he met a mild-mannered Scot in a smokey snooker hall, everything he thought he knew was opened to re-evaluation. The problem? His seemingly perfect friend was himself fighting to find the good in himself ever since being embroiled in a betting scandal that had shattered his reputation.

Now the man who could not open his eyes to his own gifts was charged with the task of opening another's mind to self-forgiveness after years of self-loathing.

Tight Brown is a story of sexuality, homoeroticism, and change as two straight men fall for each other and learn to accept that their faults are not faults when seen through the eyes of a sympathetic partner.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's latest novel is his most nuanced yet.

Re: Tight Brown

Postby Chalk McHugh

Sounds like a real tear-jerker. I'd say Ding would love it.