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Postby Pink Ball

Since debuting for the Daily Telegraph in 1976, TheSaviour has clocked up thousands of bylines in all of the UK and Ireland's premier newspapers and websites, becoming snooker's best-loved writer in the process.

Acclaimed as the sport's best journalist, TheSaviour has enchanted snooker fans for more than 40 years with columns and features replete with unique insights and colourful anecdotes. Above all, he knows the game, having spotted talent like Jak Jones, Reanne Evans and Ross Muir long before they were famous.

Please post your favourite TheSaviour articles here, whether it's his work for ESPN Online, The Guardian, Snooker Scene, or the New York Times.

Re: Post your favourite TheSaviour articles here

Postby Pink Ball

The Telegraph, April 1977: 'snake hiss pot venue has no future' by TheSaviour:

So The Crucible, then. New snake hiss pot to call home. Not the careful choice by these World Snookers.

Can't see these venue catching on. It's like John Spencer playing a delicate snookers as Ray Reardon looks to the right to be a good bit calm rofl rofl rofl

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