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Who will be the first Chinese World Champion?

Postby mick745

A follow up to a couple of other recent topics.

In recent tournaments Zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao have reached their maiden SFs. Both still in their teens.

Ding Junhui has been tipped as a future world champion ever since he was a teenager but reached just 2 crucible semi finals and one solitary final. He is now 30 and in danger of missing out altogether with the next generation set to overtake.

So will somebody from China become World Champion and if so who is most likely?

WILL Ding do it or miss out?

Will it be Bingtao or Yuelong?

Will Xintong come through?

Do you rate Sijun?

How about Yupeng, Liang, Li Hang?

Lu Haotian maybe? Xu Si?

Maybe Fan Zhenghi?

What do you think?

Re: Who will be the first Chinese World Champion?

Postby TheSaviour

I think Judd Trump should try to get the Chinese citizenships. That seems to be the only way he could even possibly to win the Worlds. Watching that list of players there lol..

Just kidding. They all are rather good players. Anyone of those can win it. But it still requires some good behaviour. Surely someone like Ding Junhui should just admit what is the reality; he has already tried his 100% best. There won´t be anything new. He should just keep on doing what he has been doing. And to admit that he has been on the right path already. There will just always be the players the likes of Mark Allen or Mark Selby who are just always an utmostly difficult to beat. I think Judd has now 4 losses out of the last 5 meeting with Mark Allen. And even that one victory some weeks ago was just Judd managed to play his socks off to win the decider. While still the bookies makes Judd as a clear favourite. Right. But they have an every right to do so. There just won´t be any other colours than the green if they keep on doing that. Mark Allen always been an utmost mental strenght player, while Judd always just tries to pot it all.

Yan, Zhou, Wenbo and so on all have that pedigree to play really well out there, as well as Junhui. Just a matter of admitting they have already gave their best shot. And that they will and should keep on doing that. No more any miracles. Even if the Chinese would feel that there has been some time wasted they should just nominate this day as the day 1. The next day won´t be an orther "new one". This is how these seemingly difficult projects are been solved; just nominate a one day as the day 1. We all know the next week will be exactly the same as this one. But at least then there would be a day 1 in order to think what it could had been. While everything still will be flushed down the toilet. If they can´t be honest, in order to nominate the day when they learned how to play, just nominate this day. That´s better than nothing. If they are unable to to invate the people to watch their academies, just nominate the day. Now we can play!

Re: Who will be the first Chinese World Champion?

Postby Wildey

Yan Bingtao definitly the best teenager since Ding Junhui.

in only his second season on tour he is banging on the door of the top 32 and a win tomorrow puts him 26th and higher than Zhou Yuelong.

Re: Who will be the first Chinese World Champion?

Postby Johnny Bravo

Pink Ball wrote:
Badsnookerplayer wrote:Ding is nice

Ding is nice, he is not mentally unstable. I am mentally unstable, I am not nice.

I did not say he was mentally unstable, I said he was mentally weak, meaning he can't handle the pressure.

Re: Who will be the first Chinese World Champion?

Postby Holden Chinaski

Badsnookerplayer wrote:It is surprising how many players there are that have mental issues. Maybe it is the many hours of solitude.

Snooker's like that. You have to be very strong mentally.