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Jonathan Bagley

Postby SnookerFan

I was actually impressed with him last night. I thought he played really well, joking aside.

Anybody ever seen him play?

Re: Jonathan Bagley

Postby TheSaviour

Ok. I don´t know anything about him. But I do believe you.

Just could guess his safety game could let him a down a bit. And by the way, I am sure Ken will beat Stephen Hendry tonight. Ken obviously still got that class of a main tour player while Stephen a more or a less rusty. A more if you ask me.

The playing format decides much how the matches will go. A best of 5s are a joke. A best of 7s already has that something. Has that something, that the safety game decides much. The safety game, where I found John Higgins as a best, is such, that the playing goes on like nothing has ever even happened unless there is a major mistake. If there is a major mistake then throw in a something a very usual, familiar, too.. Then when the next frame is on, your opponent does exactly the same mistake again. Because nothing has ever even happened. And everything is a very familiar.

John Higgins does that better than anyone else. That´s why I always found him as a man to beat redarding at least the best of 7s . Mark Selby on the other hand is a guy who allows all the other top players to win and to blaize the glory. Then he just suddenly shows up when it time to play some tournament again. And makes it to count. Makes an every shot to count.