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Has Ding fulfilled his potential?

Postby SnookerFan

I'm speaking to somebody on Twitter who says No.

I'm not so sure. Certainly an oversimplification of his career.

What do you think?

Re: Has Ding fulfilled his potential?

Postby Cloud Strife

I don't think he has. Ding is talented enough that he should have had a career similar to players like Ronnie and Higgins. Obviously he's way short of them.

Re: Has Ding fulfilled his potential?

Postby TheSaviour

No, he hasn´t. He is one of those players who will very likely never fulfill his potential. Becase he is that much professional. And there´s always something unexpected going on during the matches and the tournaments. So he is likely to always to fall a bit short. Of what it could be. But then, every now and then he can be unexpected good.

It is basically sure that the sites where he is being downplayed are now closed for ever. He has finally get that international recognition which he has been looking forward. As a one of the big players, I would even say that one the greatest ever. Because all those players getting that recognition has falled a bit short too. Or at times to be unexpected good. There has been a risky preparation from Junhui, and now he has received that international standard, so that´s why those sites are now closed probably for ever.

And now we have the first healing miracle on board also. I have been sick. Very sick. But last night healed my old sporting injuries basically completely. Which has been hindered even my walking quite badly. I am really glad I have been completely sober and been just following these snooker tournaments even when at times slightly bored to do so. That make that heeling miracle possible. Now I am feeling as fresh as I just can feel. Yesterday I could had murdered for a few pints, but I am glad I stayed strong.

But about Ding Junhui still. Some of those record are still there for the taking. Not just to him. Let´s face, many of those players out there knows they are never going to get that dream run. Ding already has. He is the 6reds World Champion, for example. The people like Gerard Greene, Alexander Ursenbacher, Jack Lisowski. They will only need to have a nice haircut, a close shave, putting their best clothing on, not downing too many pints too early on, so just feeling fine and they will have as good chances as anyone to get that glory. There´s not much if any fault-playing if that happens. Let´s take Stuart Bingham, for example. He loooks a really healthy bloke. A really, really healthy bloke. He couldn´t look that good if there would be any fault-playing while upsetting the odds. He looks that much great that it even works as a weapon to him. During the even highest of quality pro-snooker matches. It is just perfectly natural to feel and to think being either a stupid or an intelligent. Everyone does that as a child, for example. So perhaps Stuart has been thinking he is an intelligent because he looks a very healthy. And it works as a weapon to Stuart. But obviously he too should understand that everything is comparable.

Naah. At least I know where I will be hanging out from the now on.... They are just a very brainy people out there. I know they should have more power but I also do know that the world isn´t a perfect place. If I have been thinking that hopefully the snow would arrive early this time, it always has. But that doesn´t mean there would be any superpower. It is that I have been calculating that this year very likely the snow will arrive early. And that´s why I have been started to hope so and to think so. And I can only remember those times when it has happened naturally. Perhaps I have been started to think so that I would "prove" myself being correct.. But at least this time I have wrote it as i see the players playing styles and the abilities.