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Re: Ronnie hates playing numpties

Postby TheSaviour

I don´t know about Ronnie currently but I know this is a slightly repetitive but I am just really delighted about Anthony McGill. He has really done a marvellous job to overtake so many really good players. In terms of many things. Including the overall playing level and the ability. The legacy of the man is already a such that it really does remind me about Stephen Hendry. Obviously every era is different. But Anthony has managed to make such an impact that Stephen Hendry is the only possible player to compare him. Even the most professional people on earth, Gary Lineker should admit that. The legacy of the man is just incredible already. And the aura. And so on. The "rugged beauty" of Anthony McGill.

Let´s see if Ronnie has the energy to push on. You would assume he would have.

Re: Ronnie hates playing numpties

Postby SnookerFan

Badsnookerplayer wrote:I don't believe that Gary Lineker will ever admit how professional Anthony McGill is.

Somebody ask him on Twitter.

Re: Ronnie hates playing numpties

Postby TheSaviour

I don´t know. ... ld-9323719

He has claimed that God has told him to quite the snooker.

I highly doubt it quite works like that.

He is a cool lad but perhaps at times he is just too critical. Many of those Asian players just keeps on going for their shots. Perhaps that has made him to feel a little poor. They just keep on going for their shots while having the highest quality of coaching combines things to brilliant effect.

But Ronnie shouldn´t be critical over something he does himself too.