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Best match of the Snooker Island era?

Postby Pink Ball

I'm a divil for nostalgia, so it says it all when I'm going to pick a match within the past year. The best match this decade was the Mark Selby-Ding Junhui semi-final this year. It was a mind-blowing match between the only two players of this era, bar Robertson, that I regard as greats.

Re: Best match of the Snooker Island era?

Postby TheSaviour

Well Mark Selby yesterday knocked in a 4 centuries to defeat Zhao Xintong 4-1. As a reigning World Champion for the last two times, and as a completely supremely current World nro 1.

I don´t quite know what people could expect more. If that´s the only sense and a witz currently available, I am absolutely sure we should just carry on with it. I just don´t know if most of the snooker fans would still be on the map.

Must be there amongs those greatest matches.

No-one has just asked anything like that. Still they produce it without asking absolutely anything. How was Mark´s clothing? I am still sure most of fans could come out with something better and a more constructive.

Well they all are a gritty characters. Which counts as a good thing. No. A very good thing. Just slightly too repetitive for my liking.