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Re: Inside China's snooker hothouse

Postby SnookerFan

That's the Chinese culture. Dedicate everything to success. Failing isn't an option.

Neil Foulds said something interesting at The Masters this year. Remember that match Ding had againt Ronnie? It wasn't all Ronnie fans given him hassle. There was the Chinese fans. Telling him he was a disgrace to his country, and his family. All because he was losing a match.

Re: Inside China's snooker hothouse

Postby TheSaviour


Well what the h£$@ is wrong with them??

Obviously it is not about one pot per day and then everything would be fine. Just solely practising snooker and forgetting everything else. They are never going to get far having it like that. I would for example say that let´s see who´s going to win the US Open at the Erin Hills Golf course this evening.. There are countless of sport affairs, when a one thing ends then the second one is about to start. They are on the right track but they should be slightly more consistent with it. It´s not that any diffucult to witstand it when they keeps on coming on me with such an inconsistent style. Only 1/20 it is on, and 19/20 absolutely nothing happens when it should. Regarding these chinese snooker players. First it is Stephen Maguire who they think everyone should be modelling, then Ronnie, then suddenly it is Stephen Hendry, and so on. Ding is as good role model to them as it just gets. But even then they should spread it more widely. Many other options also on, they should have. Legend has it that Mark Selby became enraged and dealt a blow to the region.

I am sure tomorrow it will arrive

It is not just about picking one shape or type of persons and then running it with them. I would always say pick all sorts, shapes and colours of people and run it with all of them.

It is not about they have to or need to to do something. It´s always doing something if finding or calculating it being profitable. And almost always it is. It is worth of putting some work on. Currently their system is 100% copy and paste - job. From their ping pong academiess or suchs. So basically it is flawless. In a way that no-one needs to do anything if not being bothered. So they can just take it easy and do absolutely nothing weeks or months on the trot. Just hoping they could run it more consistently. Since it is not the world´s most hidden or secratitive thing to me.. <doh> Never been, even if they wouldn´t believe that fact too easily. Good thing is that they still react even when not getting straight good.

They are only joking (England´s so called academy..). I am highly amused about it.