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Re: What's the story boring Rory?

Postby TheSaviour

The important thing to Rory is just to keep on pressing the situation. I don´t care what logos he´s wearing. But basically his whole game is based on just pressing the situation further and further. If he somehow decides to stop doing that, the whole system, his whole game, might crash.

It´s like it doesn´t matter at all what music you are listeting at. Just keep on pressing the situation; try to find an interesting expressions and so on. It´s not so much about the music itself. Even if it would be a repeatitive.

Rory has tried how it is when it is an international and varied level. Playing against the likes of Neil Robertson, Nigel Bond, Michael "the Hitman" Holt, Judd Trump, Ronnie O´Sullivan whoever. Whatever their name, popularity or position ever might be. He has been there when it is international, and been proved to be good enough. Just long as he keeps on pressing the situation. That´s certainly what I would do. That´s the only requirement to be a good player when been already getting there for heavens sake. So he should just keep on doing that. Even how unorthodox it would be and lost on counts already. That´s what Ding did 2017 in Sheffield so well against a red-hot Ronnie O´Sullivan. Thinking it nowdays and putting it into context; that was some job Ding did. Holding his nerve and withstanding all the pressure. Not just anyone could had done that. Just Ding. Just and only Ding. But these are the stories and things that anyone POTENTIALLY COULD learn from.