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Is Cognitive Dissonance In Snooker Psychology Helpful?

Postby Andy Spark

Steve Davis first hinted at it with his aphorism: "Play like it means nothing even when it means everything". The ability to hold two contradictory ideas in your head and believe them both. It is something that psychologists have long known we tend to do, even if we aren't exactly aware of this sleight of hand operation when we perform it. It got me thinking that another piece of cognitive dissonance could potentially be used to help a snooker player: believing you can pot absolutely everything, but at the same time playing the percentages and refusing pots.

However, on the other side of the argument is common sense, and the instability of an illogical contradiction that is the inherent paradox of "cognitive dissonance". We could also use an Orwellian (1984) sensibility and see profound consequences on ourselves and society if we cultivate such measures of contradictory belief systems.


Re: Is Cognitive Dissonance In Snooker Psychology Helpful?

Postby Dan-cat

Yes - two opposing ideas can be true at the same time - a duality. I love this. Say you really like a hot girl and you decide to approach her - you need to free yourself from the outcome, so as not to appear needy... and yet, you need to really care about the outcome in order to be motivated.

Not sure what cognitive dissonance has to do with the first bit.

Ps. Romford is the Word.