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Who do you rate as the better player?

John Parrott
Ken Doherty
Peter Ebdon
Total votes : 14

Who do you rate as the better player? (part 2)

Postby TheRocket

There is a thread like this about Carter/Hawkins/Allen. Time for part 2.

This time about Parrott ,Ebdon and Doherty.

All three have won the World Championship once and been runner up on other occasions. They are also quite similar in terms of how many triple crown finals they lost. Parrott for example lost all of his three Masters finals. Doherty lost all of his three UK Finals. Doherty, Ebdon have lost two of their three world finals.

They are all quite unlucky, having faced multiple all time greats at their peak. Parrott in his prime played peak Davis and peak Hendry while Ebdon and Doherty had it even tougher by facing peak Hendry/ROS/Higgins/MJW.

Unlike Doherty though Parrott and Ebdon have also won the UK Championship and both ended up winning 3 more rankers than Doherty (9 vs 6).

On the other side Doherty has won 16 non-ranking titles while Ebdon has just 4 and Parrott 7 which is some kind of difference you have to say. And many believe that Ken had a higher peak level than Peter and John.

So what do you think?

Re: Who do you rate as the better player? (part 2)

Postby Alex0paul

Doherty was my favourite when I first got into snooker around 98 and I always had a soft spot for him but his lack of wins and a second major must count against him.

Heart says Doherty but head says Ebdon.

Parrots could have had a much longer career at the top had he not got into the media side of things IMO

Re: Who do you rate as the better player? (part 2)

Postby SnookerFan

Pink Ball wrote:Ebdon

I'm tending towards that, but I can't really say why. It's a close one.

Pure ability wise, I'd put Ebdon third out of those three, but grit and determination and an all round stubborness to make it difficult for the opposition, he became a very tough man to break down. Still qualifying for The Crucible, even now.

Didn't vote though. Very, very close.

Re: Who do you rate as the better player? (part 2)

Postby sas6789

This is a tough one, Doherty probably had the best all round game of the three but he won the least rankers plus he never won the UK either as the other 2 did. I'd probably say Ebdon because of his sheer grit and toughness but it's that close I'm not gonna vote

Re: Who do you rate as the better player? (part 2)

Postby Andre147

Very tough one to call, harder than the one I made between Carter and Hawkins (and Allen).

Much like Allen, Parrot for me is excluded, as his peak period didn't last very long.

At his very best, Doherty is better than Ebdon, but Ebdon has lasted longer at the top of the rankings, plus is the one with the most recent ranking title.

I'd say Ebdon edges it overall, but like I said, peak games, Doherty was better.

Re: Who do you rate as the better player? (part 2)

Postby snucar

Parrott, hands down. Underachieved only cause he had to face peak Davis and peak Hendry all the fuckin time. And as vodka said, the first one who broke Hendry's invincible aura.