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Re: Ding Dynasty

Postby SnookerFan

Heard it all before.

They said the same five years ago.

Re: Ding Dynasty

Postby TheSaviour

No it won´t happen. Much about it is just weathering the storm. I don´t think the Chinese has that. They are much more always about to come and create a storm, Just take you time and make the calculations right and there it is. If a player has that quality and patience then there it is.

I think it is good that people having been writing Jimmy now off. That´s the correct farewell he deserves. Because he always has had so good sportsmanships. So a fair calculations suits to him. It certainly looks like it will be the case. He can still play some matches. But that´s just some if he fails to find his absolute best. Now if the Jimmy Dynasty will be over there could be something else. But me thinks Reanne Evans is the new Jimmy, the new Dynasty. Not the Chinese. Reanne will probably just keep on playing just this one. But it is good enough. There won´t be any good news from elsewhere, so just make the calculations correct, weather the storm. And you can well keep on watching the sport. Otherwise people just gets too excited and gives it away. For free.

Daniel Wells is an another interesting player who deserves a mention. When thinking about the future of the sport. As a someone who people and the fans are ready to pay to watch playing snooker. Vafaei did his "damage" also.. So well played from him. The flashes of brilliance. But he will be having a difficulties to get the results which he seems to be fancing. A tight package is something he should have.
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Re: Ding Dynasty

Postby davisfan

Hmm. I suspect a stealth edit on that article. Saw it yesterday and it claimed that China has a population of 2 billion. More of that wonderful BBC Sport accuracy.

As if population size (and nationality) matters in snooker anyway.