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Re: Ronnie pulls out of The Crucible to concentrate on Euros

Postby TheSaviour

rofl rofl rofl rofl

That pull out would do all the world good to him. He is punking away his natural talent against the robots likes of Mark Selby in a fight he just possible can´t win. He is a decent on a radio and a decent snooker commentator. At the moment that´s all he got. Obviously he has fantastic incomes and so on. But those things doesn´t matter that much, however. Stating that, there still could be a Crucible classic Mark Selby versus Ronnie O´Sullivan. If Ronnie finds his absolute top game he could have an outside chance against Mark. But that´s just an outside chance. I recall previously I have wrote how that much would go, and how unlikely it is that Ronnie would win. And there are many other big players out there too. :chin: :chin: