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Exchange on Twitter.

Postby SnookerFan

Shaun Murphy‏ @Magician147 #BoatyMcBoatface this is what happens when you leave decisions to the general public #brexit #trump

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David Hendon‏ @davehendon #shootout

Re: Exchange on Twitter.

Postby SnookerFan

I think the Boaty McBoatface thing is slightly over complained about by the media.

It always seems to be used as the example of why we shouldn't ask the public their opinion of anything. But at the end of the day it's the name of a boat. It's not like it's something of massive international importance.

Are people not allowed to have a sense of humour any more?

Re: Exchange on Twitter.

Postby TheSaviour

A much, much better, once again. The problem with these twitter discussions is there always is that argument of an "advanced calculations". Where so far there hasn´t been any evidence at all. Before they drop off that argument there can´t be any real discussions. On any forum. Because there really isn´t any evidence about they possessing those "advanced calculations".

It is always the same; they argue having those "advanced calculations". Then their former teacher or someone similar person comes to argue "well yes, but you didn´t had that much any "advanced calculations" when you were a school kid. So are you a some kind of a late developer then??" They answer that not exactly. "You just can´t see those advanced calculations". And that´s always the end of the conversation. They really should just drop off that argument and be just part of a solution. Just living your life, trying to achieve some normal things via normal routes.

Once again; that is just that way off the mark. An extremely, an extremely annoying. Don´t try to imitate. Don´t do the german voice-over narration, a video dubbing. Can´t stand it, or understand it at all. Just be straight, matter-of-fact. That´s the best imitation there just possibly can be.

Re: Exchange on Twitter.

Postby SnookerFan

What in the name of sanity are you talking about? <ok>

The risk of posting on Twitter is that too many people use advanced calculations? Who the hell are you following?

Re: Exchange on Twitter.

Postby The Herminator

TheSaviour wrote:Don´t do the german voice-over narration, a video dubbing.

I think this is advice we can all learn from.