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Judd Trump 'should have won in 2011'

Postby SnookerFan

I'm posting a Twitter Attack from Dennis Taylor. (And for once, it's not a joke. It's a serious snooker related post. Not me just having a pop.)

Dennis Taylor‏ @dennistaylor147
Great to see Judd Trump playing like he did in 2011.
Should have been World Champ that year. Only a brilliant John Higgins stopped him.

Do we agree, disagree?

I do think that Judd has the ability to win The Crucible. And the way he's played this season, it might even be this year.

Not sure I agree that he should have won in 2011, though. If somebody plays brilliant against you, then why is it 'should have won'? If you're outplayed in the final, then there is no should have.

Re: Judd Trump 'should have won in 2011'

Postby Lou147

Given his age and immaturity in the way he played back then I think anyone can forgive him for losing that final, particurlarly against John Higgins

Re: Judd Trump 'should have won in 2011'

Postby PLtheRef

Given how Trump played during the Crucible fortnight of 2011 that he should've won even more so when you consider that he led 10-7 and 12-9 in the Final against Higgins but that underestimates both how well Higgins played in what was a tough run to the final with only McLeod (with all due respect) the player you would have thought he was a certain bet to beat.

It was probably inexperience that did for him in that Final the combination of being in a position he had never seen before, six frames away from being the world champion - alongside the unfamiliarity of dealing with someone making a fightback against him in a ranking Final.

Now he's got scars he'll be much more better placed to see deal with the situation in the future. In six weeks or so? Maybe