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Cueing.....What a bloody Lottery !!!

Postby Wildey

yesterday afternoon i went for 1 or 2 pints and a game of pool down my local.

well my god in all my life Ive never cued a Ball worst than i did yesterday. every bloody shot i was cuing right across and dont ask me to cut any ball they were going straight on. it was bloody frustrating after 3 frames i gave up before i snaped the cue in 2. Today i went back because it was playing on my mind the embarasement of how i was playing and my god Today Everything was Working Long Pots,Cut Backs,Stun shots,screw shots everything was working fine without working on difference things or nothing.

it just goes to show how different days produce different play from Professionals without any reason to it.

Re: Cueing.....What a bloody Lottery !!!

Postby mediter

Spot on. It´s always easy to see shots but cueing is a bit of lottery (unless you play much, then there is much less variety). Hopefully you enjoyed your pints and will enjoy in the future also <ok>

Re: Cueing.....What a bloody Lottery !!!

Postby Bourne

I totally know where you're coming from wild, only my good days tend to come before my bad days, i'm always much better when I play for the first time in a while for some reason !

Re: Cueing.....What a bloody Lottery !!!

Postby Roland

Yes some days are better than others for sure. But the more you play the higher your lowest standard becomes. It does make you appreciate the professionals more the fact even when they're bad they can still clear the table.

I'm with Bourne too. When I used to play regular if I had a break for a few weeks, the first couple of frames back I would play at the top of my game give or take a couple of touch shots here and there, but within half an hour I'd be worse than ever with no prospect of getting back what I had at the start of that session. Weird how it works out.

Re: Cueing.....What a bloody Lottery !!!

Postby Wildey

unfortunally for me ive never been able to play snooker regularly theres no table thats freely accesable and the one place there was got vandalised about 2 years ago and never got put back together (cash flow i guess) so my experiance on snooker is different to you when i reached a table first frame was diabolical until i got used to run then i could play a adequate grinding game not very well with breakbuilding but i guess you need regular snooker to be able to do that to a decent level.

but im quite a good pool player can clear the table quite regular but yesterday it was frightening how far i was missing pots by.