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Re: The Future of Welsh Snooker

Postby mick745

I think this is indicative of the amateur and youth status of British snooker as a whole.

You can never really tell which outstanding juniors will make it but while Jackson Page did well last week let's not get too carried away quite yet.

I think we have to accept that Mark Williams best days are behind him, and it is unlikely he'll be lifting major trophies again.

Jamie Jones was meant to be the next big thing before he turned pro but it hasn't really worked out for him despite his outstanding junior record.

Michael White was another one who was supposed to be a future multi-champion but, while he still has time on his side, seems destined to be a jobbing pro ranked between 15-25 who'll pick up the occasional title.

Ryan Day has not proved capable of winning a ranking tournament, and time may be running out for him.

Dominic Dale and Matthew Stevens have been on the decline for some time and it is doubtful whether they will now reach another final.

However, from a youth point of view there may be higher hopes for Welsh youngsters, than from the other home nations. How many young Scots are coming through for instance?

We do need to accept however that once the generation of Selby, Murphy, Trump, etc reach the end of their careers british snooker may be way behind the far east in terms of ability.

Re: The Future of Welsh Snooker

Postby mick745

Yes I remember that. Shaun Murphy was going to be the number 1 player. Looks way off that this season.

Once a Chinese players wins the WC that will be the tipping point. I ten years Selby, Murphy, Robertson etc will be in their mid-40s, whereas Xintong, Yuelong and Bingtao will be mid to late 20s.

However, the next new World No 1 might not be on the circuit yet.