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Tickets to the World Grand Prix next week for £1.

Postby dragracer

Pretty new here, so I don't know the etiiquette for starting new threads. Hopefully this will be beneficial to folk here though.

I'm subscribed to Showfilmfirst a website that gives out 'free' tickets (subject to a £1 admin fee per ticket) for theatre/cinema/concert events - usually when the venue is struggling to sell them.

I received an email this morning offering tickets for the afternoon sessions on the 7th/8th/9th.

You can order up to four tickets per account on either the 7th/8th or 9th.

However, if you do as I did and create separate accounts with different email addesses, you could potentially get four tickets for all three sessions for £12. I am going alone, so with my accounts, i've booked a ticket for the 7th, the 8th and the 9th.

You may have to show ID upon collection at the venue, so at least use the same surname for each account; so you can say you're collecting them for family.Personally, I just used variations of my forename for each.

As of 04/02/17 13:30, there are still tickets available for all three sessions - to book follow this link.