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Re: A snooker 'Mosconi / Ryder' style cup?

Postby Cloud Strife

Excellent article, mate.

I'd really like to see something like this. Love the Mosconi Cup so something similar in snooker would be great, IMO.

I think the current World Cup is trash, haven't been able to get into that whatsoever. This could replace that.

Re: A snooker 'Mosconi / Ryder' style cup?

Postby Cheshire Cat

GB&Ire - Mark Williams (Wales) WN1 / Ronnie O'Sullivan (England) WN2 / John Higgins (Scotland) WN3 / Ken Doherty (Rep of Ireland) WN4 / Stephen Hendry (Scotland) WN5

In the context of 2001/2002 and how overwhelmingly dominant those players were, that's an incredible team. It really is.

Re: A snooker 'Mosconi / Ryder' style cup?

Postby TheSaviour

Mosconi and Ryder are both much about America.

But I am happy that the lads have gained back their individuality and independence!! It was just irritating as h... when they were aggressively marketing their own ideas to someone else. When I say USA, I mean USA. No matter how much of a one-way traffic that ever would be. But I have always been like that. And I couldn´t be less interested about the support or ideas of some other people. Otherwise than being curiously analysing those ideas based on how well those works for THEM. For THEM but not for me. I have always felt that my own ideas are good enough. I see it almost a life-threating situation when you are being given some ideas from other when you couldn´t be less interested about those. That´s how much irritating it just is. Just call me selfish or anti-social, but that´s just the way it is and works. Individuality is all one has. All Psychology is all about just negotiating what´s the best. There´s no truths there. I have never been involved in those negotiations, and it is very unlikely that I ever will be.

So... No mosconi or Ryder. Sorry, no. There´s not enough countries involved. Even God doesn´t know what will be lads next so called great idea. :shrug: :shrug: Let´s just hope they won´t go back in to that previous marketing.

Re: A snooker 'Mosconi / Ryder' style cup?

Postby SnookerFan

I'd probably watch the Championship League if it was on television, can't be doing with all these live on betting sites, or whatnot.

Personally I'd not want a Championship League or a Mosconi Cup though. I prefer my snooker one-on-one, straight knockout.