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BBC commentators question

Postby 151kbar151

Few years ago, I saw somewhere (maybe this forum, maybe other forum, maybe under some Youtube snooker video) that BBC snooker commentators are prohibited from talking about other snooker events that aren't broadcasted by BBC. Is this true? Honestly, I don't watch snooker on BBC very often (I use localizated Eurosport) but when I do, commentators never talk about PTC tourneys, chinese tournaments etc. I remember Dennis Taylor once talking about recent tournament win by some player and he reffered to PTC tournament as "he won one of these smaller tournaments around Europe" or something similar to it.

Re: BBC commentators question

Postby PoolBoy

I don't think they go out-of-their-way to avoid referencing other tournaments. I've heard them saying things like, John Higgins was showing some good form in breaking his ranking drought, with a fine win in Australia.
And when they'd certainly acknowledge that (for example) Anthony McGill is now a major winner after lifting the trophy in India.
but, they wont 'bang the drum' about other tournaments as the BBC have the rights to the 2 biggest rankers plus the best invitational - ie the Triple Crown!

I honestly don't think there's been a BBC memo to 'not speak about' other tournaments - what's more likely is that the lack of recognition to other competitions is simply their ignorance!

Slightly off-topic, but qite recently Jason Mohammad was on A Question of Sport.
A snooker question came up - pictures of 4 players were on the screen. which of those players has appeared in the most World Championship finals.
I forget who the other 3 were but the 'wildcard' in the list was Graeme Dott (who was the correct answer).
Jason Mohammad couldn't contain himself with his apparent 'knowledge' that Dott had indeed won the Worlds, but that that had been his only appearance.
He was genuinely perplexed when it was pointed-out to him that Dott's been in 3 World Finals.
He literally had no clue - and he's one of BBC snooker's presenting anchors!

Re: BBC commentators question

Postby SnookerFan

Pretty much will echo what PoolBoy says.

The BBC do occasionally mention tournaments other than the ones they cover, so there obviously isn't any kind of rule telling them not to. However when they do discuss other tournaments, they tend to gloss over them a bit making them sound trivial and unimportant.

This may be deliberate on the part of the BBC, but is also due to what PoolBoy touched on his second point. A lot of the commentators are woefully misinformed about the professional game.

I watched an episode of Question Of Sport with Dennis Taylor on, and he too was clueless when it came to the snooker questions. And I mean clueless. There were several about snooker. (They try to add questions that are about the sport the guests participate in.) One question he was asked to name a Crucible finalist whose surname began with T. He sat there looking baffled for a few moments and then went; "Oh, I was one of them." <doh> Literally, he struggled to answer a question about his own World Championship winning performance. (That the BBC have been mentioning every tournament since.) He didn't get any of the other snooker questions correct at all.

I suspect it's a combination of both the BBC blase attitude, and commentator laziness/dislike of watching televised snooker. If their employee doesn't care that they know nothing about a sport they are paid to be experts in, why should they bother to keep themselves informed?