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The Two we go again

Postby Tubberlad

On a day when we should be rejoicing the official return to form of a truly great player, and another fine performance from one of the most promising, it's depressing, but by no means surprising that, yet again, neither player is in the spotlight on this night. Yes, yet again, the headlines have been stolen by one Ronald O'Sullivan.

Another year, another controversy, and at a time when it was needed least. With morale high amongst the snooker fraternity for the first time in what seems like an age, we've been hit by another negative, and thoroughly unnecessary, headline.

Why must it be so?

I cannot deny that if these suspicions are true, and the sources would certainly point in that direction, O'Sullivan cannot be treated any differently to any other player. Although his intentions were not illegal, as with Quintenn Hann, to do something like this just isn't right. I've seen the black in question, and I can't seem to decide. Personally, I feel that it was a matter of not respecting the shot rather than intentionally missing it, but if what Anda Zhang claims is true, well, that's a different story.

I'm a very strong admirer of O'Sullivan, but he has done himself no favours. It's nobody but Ronnie's fault if he is dealt with heavy-handedly. I don't know a lot about his mental situation, but what he has done is wrong. Walking off against Hendry was wrong. Lambasting fellow players is wrong. Assaulting Mike Ganley was wrong. At a time when O'Sullivan, the most important players in terms of public relations is concerned, desperately needs to be behaving impeccably, he has gone and done it again. He has dragged the game through the dirt.

And again, I stress, O'Sullivan cannot be treated any differently. Any true snooker fan will realise this. But any true snooker fan will also realise that, as much as they may love or hate him, he's not like any other player...

I for one hate what O'Sullivan does off the table, it is inexcusable. But what he can do on it is another matter entirely. O'Sullivan game is a marriage of instinctiveness, fluency, accuracy and flair, and when at his best, can produce an orgy of brilliance the likes of which have never been seen on the baize before. Yes, he may not have desire, the consistency, nor the temprament of a Stephen Hendry (who I regard as the best player of all-time), but O'Sullivan's top game never failed to take my breath away, something that Hendry, although I am hugely respectful of what he could do, never could.

And that is why O'Sullivan keeps drawing them back. For every controversy, for every piece of downright rotten behaviour, I just can't help but think of the stardust he has sprinkled on the game every year without fail. Of course, his quality of play should have nothing to do with deciding whather O'Sullivan ought to be reprimanded or not, in fact I think he should be, but whether you love him or hate him, it's worth remembering all the colour he has brought to this sport. I for one will be proud to tell my children and grandchildren that I saw Ronnie O'Sullivan play at his peak. However unsavoury his behaviour is.

And for the record:

How does O'Sullivan normally answer to controversy? Think back two years to the 2008 China Open and THAT interview... what happened a few weeks later? Did he follow up his Hendry walkout with a win at The Masters? I believe so.

World Champion 2010? Don't rule it out just yet.

Re: The Two we go again

Postby Rocket_ron

very good article as always tubbs, very well put and a fair and balanced view. enjoyed reading it.

My only reason why ronnie does these things is for some sort of kick out on it. he does it everytime. Its as if he gets in trouble to give himself a needed kick up the back side, the thing is, it works!!


2006 uk championship 4-1 to stephen hendry he just walks out, everyoe tourists him off talk about bans ranking points deducted fines the lot - the very next tournement 2007 masters captured everyones hearts again and won the masters 9-3 over ding with ding getting upset, ronnie was a grownup and looked after ding and even shouted to him own fans to shut up

2008 china open losses to marco fu in the press confrence he is talking about blowjobs an other sexual innuendo's, same again everyone tourists him off talk of fines and all that- very next tournement WC has wins of 13-7 over mark williams 13-7 over wenbo quarters a brilliant display and 17-6 over hendry in semis and a 18-8 win over carter in the final. world number 1 world champion and everyone likes him again.

he does it everytime and like tubbs says above watch out at this years WC

Re: The Two we go again

Postby Roland

Does anyone know who reportedly interviewed Zhang? It's important for those involved to come out and address this matter before it gets out of hand because the last thing we need going into the big one is a media frenzy around something O'Sullivan which could harm the game yet may not even be true.