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Judd Trump - A possible underachiever in the making?

Postby PLtheRef

The 2016 World Championship marked the fifth anniversary of when Trump first became an established regular qualifier for tournaments and indeed a regular presence in the BBC televised events.

The Trump of the 2011 Crucible campaign was one full of confidence. Buoyed by the victory in the China Open and with it an entry into the top 16 - Trump's first round tie on opening Saturday against defending champion Neil Robertson had turned from a stern test of the defending champions credentials to a real chance of doing well - as proved to be the case when he knocked Robertson out. Despite missing out to John Higgins much was expected from Trump - and the UK Championship duly arrived seven months later.

I remember remarking at the time that it would be interesting to see how Trump would react once he had received some metaphorical bruises that each player picks up from time to time. - Those arrived for Trump in surprisingly losing to Robertson in the Masters Semi-Final after such a strong display against O'Sullivan - a relatively early exit at the Crucible before losing the Shanghai Final having been 7-2 in front at the end of the first session - with 2012 finishing with a first round defeat in his UK Championship defence, again having had a considerable lead.

Since 2011, Trump has spent time at number 1 in the rankings and has won a few titles - five in the mainstream ranking events - but it came as some sort of surprise that since his UK Championship win the 2014 final is the only appearance in a triple crown final and in the case of the UK Championships the only time he's truly threatened to emulate his 2011 achievement. In more than one instances in the other events - Trump hasn't necessarily capitalized on big opportunities in instances when draws have seemingly appeared on paper to have opened up for him. - The 2015 and 2016 World Championships (despite going out to some great performances) along with the 2015 UK Championship and 2016 German Masters being recent examples of not capitalizing on good chances in big events.

Much has been made of his use of twitter and in particular with what happened at the Crucible. Though his use of social media remains entirely his choice - it may well be better to only use it outside of matches and not during the interval when he should arguably have more pressing matters on his mind.

This may sound rather harsh given Trump is only 26 but given his well known and well documented potential - given that he's not delivered as much in the triple crown events as you'd arguably have expected and that he's not necessarily converted some of his strong opportunities into tournament victories - is there a chance that Judd Trump could possibly finish his career - an underachiever?


Re: Judd Trump - A possible underachiever in the making?

Postby Wildey

He plays too negatively for the ability he has.

Its never a long pot with him its a long pot screwing the cue ball to balk in case he missed and that in case he missed is the problem

a fantastic player that always struggles with confidence.

Re: Judd Trump - A possible underachiever in the making?

Postby TheSaviour

It is one of the oldest trick from the book to hail and name someone as a future multiple World Champion, IF you genuinely see that he or she has it, has the best overall package and the overall development possibilities. I have recently done that with Kyren Wilson and so did Mark Selby too! But that´s true. He has it. But it still it is a gamemanships BECAUSE things never doesn´t progress that much straight-forwardly. What Selby so CLEARLY got is the best systematic, robotic, even a metaphor-like playing style. It means he will be probably able to halt the futher challenges even from Kyren Wilson. Selby´s been also working hard with his physical shape. Along with this field, Judd will have big problems to achieve anything big or significant.

During the long World Championships formats, even if Selby falls 1-4 or 2-5 down against Ronnie O´Sullivan if won´t mean a thing. Mark finds his BREAK-bUILDING when those situations arises, and soon it is 6-6 or Selby leading 7-5. And what does Ronnie then? Ronnie still is the man the beat during the shorter formats. Well Ronnie starts to play his top game, which isn´t his rapid quick scoring which he uses during the shorter formats, but Ronnie makes every shot, particulalry every safety shot, to count. Then it is 50-50 who wins the current frame. It comes down to safety versus counter safety, whom first finds himself from the situation where badly snookered and the reds are wide open. No professional player can handle those snooker-situations. They c.... it up, and then it is guarenteed 80 break to the opponent where an easy red to start with. That´s why snooker is anyone´s game. Anyone with an interest can master those situations. If having a few, and having a creative mind-set.. But how they will drag themselves to challenge Mark, get the licences and cards, remains yet to be a very much solved.

But the point is, Ronnie needs some excessive luck to get into those 6-6 situations against Mark. Because Mark´s systematic break-building during the early stages is so good and sure.

I can´t see Judd, Kyren or Ding do any better in those situations against Selby. Obviously anyone can raise their games and sharpen their physics. What I wrote was just the basic every day phychology. Bjoern Borg used to explain it a much, much better how it worked during the tennis matches.. But still that what I wrote is something really can´t being denied. It isn´t necassarly THE REALITY, because like I also wrote, anyone can raise their games. You won´t find any politician or the magician from the society to agree with me. But you will find the bookies more or less agreeing with me. Bookies also have their own gamemanships, tricks and counter-phychologies. But still the basic story will remain the same.

Re: Judd Trump - A possible underachiever in the making?

Postby SnookerFan

Judd's a funny one.

Winning the 2011 China Open, getting to the final of The Crucible and then winning the UK Championship seemed to give hims an aura. People go through purple patches, sure. But it felt different with Judd. He looked like he was giving himself the reputation for being almost unbeatable.

On that Egg On Your Face thread, I'd said Judd would never be World Champion, and I was convinced within a year or so that'd make me look stupid. It hasn't. Not yet.

I do feel that during said Purple Patch, he began to think a bit much of himself. That might not be all his fault. He suddenly won a lot of fans, and was being touted as the next Ronnie. The BBC in general couldn't get enough of putting their lips on his nads.

Now other players have worked out his style, and his 'naughty snooker' isn't as surprising any more, people are finding him easier to beat.

Maybe what Judd needs is somebody in his corner a bit more. Whether it be a coach, family member or whatever. A players attitude needs to be right. When you're doing well, you can't saunter around acting unbeatable. Your opponents won't extend you the courtesy of seeing that. But you can't then let your confidence suffer too much when you begin to realise you're not invincible either. You need confidence in your ability, without arrogance that everybody around you will wilt.

Ding was always a player that struggled with confidence at times when he wasn't playing well. El Tel seems to have helped him. Maybe Judd just needs somebody in his corner to make sure his head is always where it needs to be.