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Snooker Betting

Postby barrydoherty54

There doesn't seem to be a betting thread on here on for the Snooker.

Many of you's a punt?

I usually avoid betting on the smaller tournaments, For me it's the Uk Championship, Masters and the World's

I have had a disaster so far in the world's like so many other punters. Worst World Championship betting wise I have ever experienced.

Went with a Selby vs Ding Final at 4/5 this morning, hopefully that claws some of my money back.

Re: Snooker Betting

Postby Cloud Strife

Didn't you say somewhere you were gambling addict? :chin:

Anyway, I'm not here to preach so each to their own.

To answer your question, no it's not been a very good tournament for me betting wise. Angles on his own must have destroyed at least half a dozen of my accumulators lol.

I think Selby is a mortgage job to beat Fu.

Re: Snooker Betting

Postby barrydoherty54

True, True,Good memory, just checked my posts there and In the I am a loser thread, I forgot I wrote that, I must of been having a bad day. Things have picked up from that, thankfully.

Yeah I agree. but I thought the same with Roberston against Holt and Higgins last night.

Re: Snooker Betting

Postby snookerlover

I occasionally throw small sums of money on stuff (the old adage don't gamble more than you can afford to lose). I've lost out on outright for Neil Robertson (£3 at 11/2 = £19.50 return) Ali Carter (£5 at 66/1 = £335.00 return) Kyren Wilson (£1.00 at 80/1 = £81.00 return).

My outright on Ding is still live a £1 on 18/1 = £19.50/ Certainly wishing I'd spread those slightly differently.

Re: Snooker Betting

Postby Ayrshirebhoy

I bet a fiver for Luca brecel to win at 150/1 seemed a good idea at the time...

Re: Snooker Betting

Postby barrydoherty54

Throwing my profit from the Semi finals on Ding @ 10/11. Great price considering how badly Selby has been struggling so far. Dings playing too well to play like FU did.