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Score Card App

Postby davecook

Hi All,

I started playing snooker with my (adult)son a little over a year ago, we are both quite competitive so we decided early on to track our scores and progress. I write software for a living so as a side hobby I developed a web application to track players, scores, statistics etc.

Even though the app was primarily designed for myself and my son to use it is in fact accessible to anyone.

If you think you may find this useful please do check it out at

There are no ads, spyware etc. I didn't write the site to make money, its purely to supply proof of my outstanding playing ability when beating my son ;)

Oh and I'm happy to receive criticism (or even requests) if it means I can easily improve the app, so please review and enjoy.


Re: Score Card App

Postby davecook

Hi Dan,

Glad to hear you have taken a look, please let me know if there are any improvements you think could be made and I will endeavour to do so.

I plan on providing enhanced stats and a few graphs in the next phase at the very least.

Many thanks