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What's the future for the Paul Hunter Classic?

Postby Pink Ball

With the PTCs effectively being scrapped next year, what will be the future for the Paul Hunter Classic, the 'world championship' of the PTCs?

If you're of my opinion, and feel free to disagree, you'll think that it loses some of its lustre and profile if it loses its ranking points (will it even be televised if it does?). Personally, I'd love to see it keep its ranking points but allow a host of amateurs to take part alongside the professionals, making it the world's best pro-am in the way the masters is the world's best invitational.

Others will feel that the competition shouldn't have ranking points to begin with as it moves it away from its roots.

Whatever about the ranking point situation, I hope that it continues to be seen as the blue riband event for amateur players and continues to be seen a great event.