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Good to see the Guild Hall back

Postby Pink Ball

Even if it's only going to be for qualifying events, as far as I can see. It's my favourite snooker venue besides the Crucible, and I went there several times when the UK Championship was there. I'm not going to complain about it being sidelined as UK venue because the Barbican is a cracking venue itself, but it should definitely still host a major event.

Re: Good to see the Guild Hall back

Postby eraserhead

Pink Ball wrote:
eraserhead wrote:Which qualifying events will take place there?

All of them, by the look of it.

:happy: This is the nearest venue to me so I look forward to some cheap snooker in the future. :D

Edit: They've moved the German masters qualifiers from Wigan to Barnsley, The Wigan venue was pretty shoddy hope Barnsley's better.